Fox Hunt

I was in the middle of posting my last blog when I heard one of the chickens carrying on and squawking quite a bit.  It was more than the usual rooster-chasing-hen-to…well you know.  I stood up to investigate and saw the hen run around the front of the house with a FOX in hot pursuit!  I ran to the front door, grabbed my big walking stick, and ran out after that fox screaming, “Get away from MY hen!”  I’m sure the neighbors were pleased to hear that at 6:30 in the morning.

Well, fox ran away and through the woods by the side of the house.  Since it was heading towards the back of our property, I decided to go out to see where it was headed.  By the time I had slipped on my Birkenstock garden shoes, grabbed my other big walking stick, and got out the back door, that fox was out back stalking another chicken!  I jumped on my four-wheeler, stuck the stick in front of me, and lit out after that fox.  He was surprised to see me coming and ran back into the woods and down toward the front part of the property.  So, for about ten minutes, I drove the four-wheeler up and down along the tree line on that side of the property and along the back.  I wanted to make sure to scare it away at least for now.  Today I will be on fox watch.

Life in the country can be exciting!

Note: this is probably the same fox that got all ten of my call ducks that we used for herding.


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